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Available to all, including non-Videotron customers.

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Club illico offers unlimited access to a catalogue of more than 6,500 French-language productions for the whole family: original content, exclusive series, movies, youth programs, and new releases every week, to watch as much as you want.

Access all your favourite Club illico content on your TV, on your mobile devices, and online, anywhere in Canada. Download your content to watch it wherever you want or stream it from the Club illico app with Chromecast, AirPlay, or Apple TV.2

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Club illico and Vrai duo is offered for 12 months* with any Helix or illico TV plan.

Le temps des framboises club illico

A host of original Québec productions

Club illico gives you access to original Québec productions by local artists. Browse its extensive listings to watch or rediscover series like Les honorables, Léo, La faille, and Audrey est revenue.

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Enjoy Club illico with an All-Inclusive Mobile plan

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Club illico mobile is included with all our All-Inclusive Mobile plans. Simply download the Club illico app to enjoy the content on your phone or3 Lots of advantages, more series for you!

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When you subscribe to Helix TV or illico TV, you can add Club illico to your plan starting at $10/month to access it on the screen of your choice4. For even more content, enjoy the Club illico and Vrai duo, offered for 12 months when you add it to your plan.*

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Take advantage of the Club illico app

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Take advantage of the Club illico app

The ideal subscription if you are not a Videotron customer or if you only have a Videotron Internet and/or Home Phone plan.

  • Explore the extensive Club illico listings online and on your phone or tablet.
  • Stream your content on your TV with Chromecast and AirPlay or access the Club illico app on your Apple TV.
  • Download your content and watch it offline wherever you go.2
  • Access your favourite content from anywhere in Canada.
La vie compliquée de Lea Olivier saison 2

Infinite youth content

With Club illico, you have access to a vast selection of youth content: movies and series for all age groups, local classics and international hits, and new releases every week. The whole family will be delighted, kids and grown-ups alike!

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Frequently asked questions about Club illico

If you are not a Videotron customer, you can subscribe to the Club illico app for $15/month. This will enable you to watch content on your mobile devices and online, and stream content with Chromecast, AirPlay, and Apple TV.

To subscribe, simply create an account.

The Club illico app subscription allows for a maximum of two simultaneous video streams on two different devices.

You can have up to 15 downloads per device.

Every Thursday, Club illico adds new titles to its selection of French-language movies, series, youth programs, and documentaries for you to watch at your leisure.

Shopping online, it’s worth it!

Free 48-hour delivery

All your offers in one place

At your convenience, 24/7

30-day satisfaction guarantee

Access to Club illico via the Club illico app, the Helix TV app, and the illico app on your tablet, phone, and Apple TV, on your TV with the Helix TV service or illico new generation, online via,, and requires a monthly subscription. The selection of movies and series varies based on platforms and may change at any time. The subscription gives customers the right to access part of the content through the digital TV platform, which requires a Helix TV or illico TV new generation subscription. These services are available where technology permits. Taxes not included. Certain conditions apply.

1The Club illico app subscription allows for a limit of two simultaneous video streams on two different devices. Simultaneous video streaming limits for Videotron customers differ: Five simultaneous video streams on five different devices for Helix TV customers, and one simultaneous video stream on one device for illico TV customers.

2Downloading content requires a Wi-Fi network connection and uses up data. Available for selected content. Up to 15 downloads per device (the maximum number of downloads for Videotron customers may differ). Downloaded content is accessible for 30 days only.

The features offered to Residential customers who are subscribed to one of Videotron’s All-Inclusive Mobile plans may differ. You’ll find all the details here.

4The subscription price for access to Club illico varies: $10/month for Videotron’s Residential Helix customers (except for Helix Internet customers who pay $15/month for their subscription) and $15/month for non-Videotron customers.

*This limited-time offer applies exclusively to Videotron Residential Helix TV or Helix TV app customers who are not already subscribed to the Club illico and Vrai platforms. A subscription to the Club illico and Vrai platforms in combination costs $12 per month. The offer entails a promotional discount of $12/month, applicable for twelve (12) months on a subscription to Helix TV or Helix TV App, the fees for which vary according to the plan chosen. Maintaining the discount is conditional upon the customer staying subscribed to Club illico, Vrai and the applicable Helix plan during the entire promotional period. Access to Club illico via Helix TV, online at, and on mobile or tablet via the Club illico app requires a monthly subscription. Access to Vrai via Helix TV, online at, and on mobile or tablet via the Vrai apps requires a monthly subscription. Content availability is subject to change at any time. An Internet connection is required to view content online and will generate data use, the cost of which shall be borne by the customer. A subscription provides the right to access a part of Helix TV content, which requires a subscription to Helix. Helix is offered in certain regions, wherever technology permits. Certain conditions apply.