Bundling your plans with your family or friends: it pays!

Bundling your plans with your family or friends: it pays!

Save big when you bundle up to four Videotron All-Inclusive Mobile plans with family or friends, including 100 GB of annual bonus data each, as well as a subscription to a QUB musique Family plan.

More Mobile plans, more savings.

Get an additional $10 off on each plan with the multiproduct discount

rabais 60 en


Build a team of four and take advantage of a monthly discount of $60.

Save $15 per plan each month[ln].

rabais 30 en


Build a team of three and take advantage of a monthly discount of $30.

Save $10 per plan each month1.

10$ discount


Build a team of two and take advantage of a monthly discount of $10.

Save $5 per plan each month1.

10 GB $20 per month

The perfect plan for your teen

Does your teen want to be connected? Give in with a 10 GB plan at $20 per month.

To take advantage of this $20 per month plan, combine it with two All-Inclusive Mobile plans and save more thanks to the multiline discount. Add an Internet plan to maximize your savings.

the most generous multi-product discount on the market

Lifetime discount: Mobility and Internet

Save more when combining your Mobile plans with a Helix Internet plan, thanks to the most generous discount on the market that lasts a lifetime and is applicable to each plan.

QUB musique Family plan

QUB musique Family plan

Subscribe to the QUB musique Family plan at the exclusive rate of $9,99 /month for 24 months thanks to your Videotron Mobile plan. Connect up to six accounts so that everyone can listen to their music wherever they are.

Comment profiter de l'offre multiligne

The multiline discount made easy

How to take advantage of the offer?

  • Team up with others
  • Check your devices’ compatibility with our network
  • Drop by one of our stores to activate your Mobile plans

What are the benefits?

  • Each plan is distinct, with no sharing of data or minutes
  • You save as a group, whether you are two, three or four
  • You manage your own account individually in the Customer Centre

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Stay connected from coast to coast thanks to our ultravast network

Take your Mobile plan with you when you travel abroad

Count on a Customer Service team dedicated to making you happy

Take advantage of our 30-day, money-back guarantee

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Frequently asked questions about our family plans and the multiline discount

With the multiline discount, the monthly savings add up. Bundle up to four Mobile plans, including two All-Inclusive plans, on the same invoice and get a monthly discount on each.

The multiline discount is an ideal offer for families since you can pair up to four Mobile plans to get a more interesting monthly discount. That way, you can take advantage of our 5G network with your smartphone.

Of course! You can take advantage of the multiline discount with friends rather than family members. Each Mobile plan is paired with a smartphone and has its own data, all on a single invoice.

To get more discounts, you can combine the multiline discount and the multiproduct discount. Simply subscribe to a minimum of two All-Inclusive Mobile plans and an Internet plan to get the multiline discount and the the multiproduct discount.

At Videotron, you will enjoy a turnkey service and generous offers for all your telecommunication needs: Mobile plans, smartphones, and more. Not to mention the 5G technology deployed on Videotron’s network.