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Take advantage of your move to discover our best current offers on Internet, TV, TV App and Mobility services. Because choosing Videotron pays off!

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High-performance Wi-Fi that takes off with you

Start fresh with unlimited, ultrapowerful, and secure 400 Internet access for only $70 per month.

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Time to travel this summer!

Travel freely in Canada and the United States thanks to our All-Inclusive plans, which let you use your data both here and in the United States.

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Moved in and connected

Unlimited 30 Internet + TV 5 choices plan, with Vrai and Club illico for 3 months. Save $20/month!

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Samsung flashsale

It’s the perfect time to get a new Samsung for less. Choose the S22 or the A53 5G, both are on sale!

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Load, unload, download.

Unlimited, high-performance Internet access with the most secure Wi-Fi, starting at $50 per month.

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iPhone 13 at an amazing price

Say yes to the iPhone 13 for only $19.50 per month when combined to a 24-month Mobile plan with the Take-back Credit.

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TV App Basic service for $5 more per month

Add the TV App Basic service plan to any Internet plan for only $5 more per month.

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The perfect Internet to work from home

For reliability that matches your productivity, take advantage of all the benefits of Helix Internet starting from $50/month.

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Club illico mobile included

Access a host of movies, series and youth content with Club illico mobile included in our All-Inclusive Mobile plans.

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Best Internet for students

For study and entertainment, the most secure Wi-Fi with Helix Internet is available from $50/month.

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Powerful Internet to play

Play online unhindered thanks to Helix high-performance Unlimited 400 Internet. Only $70/month!

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New TCL 30 5G

The new TCL 30 5G is now available! Enjoy it today from only $17 per month.

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As much reality as you want on Vrai

The new Vrai platform is offered for 6 months when you add it to your Mobile plan via the QUB app.

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70 million songs on your mobile

Add the QUB musique app to your Mobile plan.

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Vrai and Club illico offered for 6 months

Subscribe to a Helix Internet and TV or Helix TV App plan to enjoy all Vrai and Club illico content for 6 months.


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